Actiris Brussels and Co-mana partnered up in late 2016 for diverse events in Brussels and around. On the "Diversité" event in 2016, I spend the afternoon shooting videos with the company's Sony A7SII during the event and edited the shots into a after movie later published on YouTube. It was the very first event that I covered all by myself, from production to post-production. I learnt to shoot with the Sony A7SII on the job.​​​​​​
We also worked on various videos for Actiris to promote their Employers Day event which took place on Tuesday April 25th 2017 in Brussels. We went on and shoot a small teaser on location in Brussels, which I later edited and subtitled. Several animation videos were made and could probably still be seen on the Employers' Day website. The latest video we worked on is actually a short film that was shot with a Belgian actor to promote the actions undertaken by Actiris. On April 25th, two or three local cinematographers went on various locations throughout Brussels to shoot the event that was taking place. I edited a short after movie with those images. Our trainee at Co-mana made a selection of shots and I had a morning the re-cut the whole thing. Editing was made on Adobe Premiere Pro as usual. The outro was made by my colleague.
Actiris Brussels and Co-mana partnered up again in 2017 to hold the "Diversité" event in Brussels. I spent a few days editing the "after-movie" video with the footage shot in location by my colleague. I used recordings of music from the event. The video was - once again - published on their YouTube channel.
Actiris Brussels and Co-mana partnered up one last time in 2018 to hold the "Employer's Night by Select Actiris" and "Diversité" events in Brussels. I spent a few days editing the "after-movie" videos with the footage shot in location by local cameramen. The videos were published on their YouTube channel.
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