Oct-Nov 2018, I packed my Canon EOS 7 with the 24-105mm f/4 lens and flew to New York for a 21 days trip around the United States of America. I spent my first days in New York, NY, then took a bus trip to Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC before coming back to New York. I then took a flight to Chicago, IL to discover the Windy City. An another flight to San Francisco, CA because I needed some sun. An other flight to Los Angeles, CA to immerse myself in the Hollywood vibe. Again an other flight to New Orleans, LA to discover new cultures and a part of the United States I never been before. Then I took my last flight back to New York to spend some quality time and appreciate the view at the One World Observatory. Everything was shot with the versatile 24-105mm lens and edited on Adobe Lightroom. Below is a collection of my favorite shots, some of which are available for purchase on Adobe Stock.
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