In May 2015, I had the chance to work on Belgian singer Axel Hiroux's new video clip. Parfum Vanille director Michael De Lil got me the gig, as he was directing the video clip. He provided me with the song and the footage, with no more indications so I was completely free to do whatever I wanted. I used Adobe Premiere Pro for the cutting and After Effects to create the title. It took me two days to come with the main structure and rythm of the editing. Smalls changes were made, as asked by Axel himself and his creative team. I really love the shots with the dog, and did my best to tell a story, assembling the shots together. Once granted by Axel's creative team, tt went back to Michael wo did the grading on the video clip. Both the video clip and the song were nationnaly released on June 1st, 2015.
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