In 2012, I was asked by Michael De Lil to edit his student film. I loved his ideas for the film, and attended to the filming to back up the dailies. The short film was shot in two days on a Canon EOS 7D DSLR, and cut on Final Cut Pro 7, as it was imposed by our teachers. I, of course, had to make ProRes 422 files out the H.264s. Editing took me a week, for both images and sounds. It was then mixed and graded by my fellow students and the director himself created the credits. "Cannelle" was the best recieved short film of the year, and one of my best experience in film editing to date. I briefly used Motion to remove a broom's shadow in some of the shots, wich took me longer than the editing itself, and gave me my first experience in visual effects. I loved it, and decided to move to Adobe After Effects aftewards.
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