By the end of 2016, I was hired by Belgian producer Jean-Jacques Péché and Tunisian director Néjia Ben Mabrouk to color grade the belgo-tunisian documentary "Gafsa Année Zéro". The film was still being edited at that time, and I help transitioning from the editing to the color grading room. Once editing was done, I took several weeks to color grade the film, organizing screenings almost every week with the director and producer to make sure I was going on the right track. The time frame was short, as the film was due to be sent to the Tunisian government in time. After what, the director wanted to make some adjustment to the film, and spent a few more weeks in the editing room. I had to make sure to retain most of my work so that I would only have to color match the added shots. I was also asked to incorporate both opening and closing titles to the film. Those were made by a Tunisian designer in both french and arabish. I also was in charge of exporting the film in various format, such as web and Blu-rays. The film was well-received at he 28th edition of Carthage Film Festival in Tunis, Tunisia.
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