By far my favorite city in the world, New York never ceases to amaze me. I visited the city on multiple occasions and always loved to take pictures at any time of the day and night. Most of the touristy places don't look nice on pictures, and with time I learnt that true New York isn't Times Square or Liberty Island. I love hanging around the Brooklyn Bridge Park at dawn: it's the place that inspires me the most, and the one I love to shoot the most as well. The recents photos were shot with the versatile 24-105mm lens on my Canon EOS 7D, some were shot with the cheap 50mm 1.8 and others with the 17-85mm on my old Canon EOS 400D (REBEL XTi), all edited on Adobe Lightroom. Below is a collection of my favorite shots of the past 8 years, some of which are available for purchase on Adobe Stock.
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