During my twelve week internship at The Content Company (RMB), I was asked to edit a short promo for all the contents broadcasted on ViKE, the first belgian video platform. It took me two weeks to gather most of the videos uploaded, and make a promo out of it in Adobe Premire Pro. I also chose to re-design the ViKE logo specially for the promo, using After Effects' Ray-traced 3D, to make it more nice-looking. The design took a day or two, importing vectorial shapes from Photoshop into After Effects, so I could used them to animate the ViKE logo in 3D. A few weeks after, they asked me to cut a 30 seconds TV promo featuring most of the platform's upcoming webseries. It took me a few days to watch all of the webseries' episodes and cut a 24 seconds piece with those.
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